Day: August 10, 2018


Leading PR Agency, Bitcoin PR Buzz, Champions Blockchain Development Through Free Consultations for Blockchain Companies

The blockchain industry is evolving and so are its publicity and engagement tools. Blockchain startups have to constantly adapt their publicity and marketing strategy for maximum reach and efficiency. However, blockchain organizations often stumble when it comes to finding the right channel to publicize information. Continuing in its quest to nurture this nascent industry, Bitcoin […]

Why crypto is here to stay

Back when cryptocurrency first entered the world there were a great many detractors. It does not work, it has never worked, and it will never work – at least that was the claim. Since then, however, the currencies have became have even thrived. So what is it that makes crypto so popular, and how are […]

Blockchain Encyclopedia Launches as Developers Iron Out Token ‘Challenges’

Everipedia, the blockchain-based answer to Wikipedia, announced its launch August 9. Cayman Islands-based blockchain startup Everipedia formally launched its peer-to-peer (P2P) encyclopedia August 9, a press release confirmed. Designed to be an “autonomous encyclopedia without the need for advertisements or donations,” the project uses the EOS network to function and will reward curators with its […]

Singapore: Venture Capital Firm to Launch $10 Million Crypto, Blockchain Investment Fund

Singapore-based Golden Gate Ventures will launch a $10 million global fund for blockchain and cryptocurrency companies. Singapore-based venture capital firm Golden Gate Ventures will launch a $10 million fund for investments in blockchain and cryptocurrency companies, Reuters reported August 10. Golden Gate Ventures (GGV), one of the leading venture capital firms in Southeast Asia, will […]

Banking precautions to keep you safe

Most of us are familiar with our bank’s online and offline banking, but how safe is it? Banks spend a lot of money educating customers, ensuring the security is up to date. No matter how good the security is, or how much we trust them, there will be a vulnerability somewhere that a criminal isMost […]


Bangkok police arrests an actor for Bitcoin [BTC] money laundering scheme

According to a local news portal, on 9th August, the Bangkok Police arrested a movie actor for being involved in a cryptocurrency money laundering scheme. Jiratpist Jaravijit, a well-known actor, was arrested during filming for a movie at Major Cineplex Ratchyonthin because of an alleged investment fraud of nearly $97 million worth Bitcoin i.e., 797 […]