Month: August 2018


Bulgaria to Host International Blockchain Conference and Luxurious FTV Party

On 14 September, 2018 NDK Sofia, Bulgaria will host NEXT BLOCK Conference “Evolution Of Money” organized by Krypton Events, in partnership with Cryptovest, supported by the leading global bitcoin exchange OKEx. NEXT BLOCK brings together top technology executives, top-tier investors, promising blockchain ventures and industry visionaries from around the world for business and networking. Bringing […]


Blockchain and cryptocurrency in Azerbaijan – What will experts talk about at Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Baku?

On September 27, Baku will bring together world-renowned blockchain and cryptocurrency specialists. Along with Azerbaijan entrepreneurs and investors, they will discuss the condition of the country’s crypto market and share case studies of blockchain integration.    The meeting will be caused by Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Baku, an event dedicated to the blockchain market, cryptocurrencies, […]

A Blockchain that is Truly Scalable

For nearly 20 years, CPUs evolved at an incredible rate. Following Moore’s law, CPUs doubled in speed roughly every eighteen months until the mid-2,000’s, when companies began exploring new multi-core design. Eventually, processors would become quad core, then hex-core, then octo-core and more, as tech companies began searching for ways to design the fastest and […]

Toshi to be rebranded as Coinbase wallet – Is it the future of decentralized web?

On 15th August, prominent digital currency exchange Coinbase announced on Twitter that Toshi, an Ethereum Wallet, and dApp browser would be rebranded as Coinbase Wallet. According to Coinbase, the rebranding effort was initiated to capitalize on products that would potentially decide the future of the decentralized web, effectively making it available to everyone. Coinbase’s official […]


AT&T involved in cryptocurrency scam, $224 million lawsuit filed by plaintiff

On 13th August, Michael Terpin, a US-based entrepreneur and cryptocurrency investor filed a $224 lawsuit against American Telephone & Telegraph Company [AT&T] according to a report by Reuters. The complaint was filed by the plaintiff at the United States District Court in Los Angeles against the defendant, AT&T. Terpin is reportedly using the telecommunications company as his service provider. He […]

Ripple Partners With Three Crypto Exchanges as Part of XRapid Solution

Ripple has announced a partnership with three crypto exchanges as part of its payments settlement solution XRapid. Ripple has added three cryptocurrency exchanges to its cross-border payments settlement product, according to a press release published August 16. Ripple has partnered with U.S.-based Bittrex, Mexican Bitso, and Philippine Coins.Ph cryptocurrency trading platforms within its initiative to […]


Cryptocurrency bubble is similar to the Internet bubble, says CEO of Coinbase

Brian Armstrong, the Co-Founder and CEO of Coinbase, the biggest cryptocurrency exchange platform, spoke about his experience and the cryptocurrency market during an interview with Bloomberg. The CEO of Coinbase exclaimed his experience in the cryptocurrency space as an “organizational chaos” and as an entrepreneur, it has been a “crazy journey”. He said that, at […]

Genesis Mining Compels Certain Customers to Upgrade BTC Mining Contracts

Hashpower hosting service Genesis Mining is forcing some customers to upgrade their mining contracts due to the serious decline in digital currency prices. Iceland-based hashpower hosting service Genesis Mining is compelling some of its customers to upgrade their Bitcoin (BTC) mining contracts following this year’s significant cryptocurrency price decline, according to an August 17 statement. […]


Bitcoin ETN swoops in as a savior post the Bitcoin ETF delay

On 15th August, Bitcoin Tracker One, which is a new way for U.S. traders to invest in Bitcoin was launched, making a huge change in the trading feasibility of the cryptocurrency. Bitcoin Tracker One is an Exchange-traded Note [ETN] that works similarly to an Exchange-Traded Fund [ETF]. The ETN was readily available for the investors […]

Nvidia Stock Falls as Q3 Revenue Estimates Hit by Crypto Mining Decline

Nvidia’s stock price dropped after the announcement of its third quarter estimates was lower than expected, due in part to a decrease in crypto mining. U.S.-based graphics processing unit (GPU) manufacturer Nvidia stocks fell after announcing its third-quarter estimates, MarketWatch reported August 16. The firm’s revenue was affected by a decrease in crypto mining as […]