Month: August 2018

Coinbase welcomes Tim Wagner as VP Engineering

On 6th August, Coinbase tweeted a post welcoming Tim Wagner as Vice President of Engineering. Tim Wagner was the former General Manager of Amazon Web Services’ Lambda team. This marks the next step in the company’s strategy to deliver the most trusted and easy to use cryptocurrency offerings.  Tim will now be leading a group of […]


Cardano [ADA]’s Charles Hoskinson: Quitting Twitter, the upcoming Google Chrome extension and more

On 6th August, Charles Hoskinson, the CEO and Co-Founder of the science and engineering firm IOHK released a Twitter video update to communicate the progress of the Cardano project with the community. Here, he talked about the purpose of Prometheus and related topics. He also clarified the much-discussed case of him rage-quitting the social media […]

Lisk [LSK] announces release of Lisk Elements 1.0.0, a boon for developers?

Recently, the prominent blockchain application platform, Lisk posted a blog on their Twitter handle, announcing the release of their latest general-purpose JavaScript library, Lisk Elements 1.0.0. The release is going to be used in many of their own products including the Lisk Hub and Lisk Commander. The development team affirmed that the release is designed […]


Blockchain technology poised to bring revolutionary changes to eSports

eSports today “Gaming seems to be getting the acknowledgment of being, arguably, the world’s favorite pastime” In the eight months following its release in March 2017, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, one of the world’s most popular gaming titles, made $712 million, indicative of eSports robust growth and strong health, as well as its potential to continue developing […]

Stellar [XLM]’s strike at a better ecosystem: Updates and Developments

On 6th August, the Stellar team posted a monthly round-up of all their updates, including ecosystem updates, community articles, and Stellar Developers updates. Stellar is a digitalized platform that interlinks banks, payments systems, and people. It focuses on a cost-effective method to move money faster and reliably. Stellar’s tweet | Source: Twitter According to the post, […]