Month: October 2018


Bitcoin [BTC] influencer explains factors “towards Bitcoin and against Monero [XMR]”

In a recent interview, Tone Vays, a popular Bitcoin [BTC] influencer, opined on the factors that make Bitcoin [BTC] better than altcoins, alternative uses of blockchains other than cryptocurrency and the risks involved in it. The discussion began with Tone Vays explaining the reason he would choose Bitcoin over altcoins. Taking the example of Monero […]


Ripple officials talk about the advantages of the XRP ledger and the future prospects with xRapid

Ripple’s foray into the world of banking has been marked with several developments and strides that have been demonstrated in the form of products like xVia, xRapid, and xCurrent. In a recent interview, the officials at the San Francisco based cryptocurrency company have revealed a clear picture as to what they want to achieve: taking […]

Tron [TRX]’s daily transactions surpass Ethereum’s daily transactions again

Justin Sun, the founder and CEO of Tron Foundation, announced today that Tron, the 11th largest cryptocurrency in the market, had surpassed Ethereum in terms of daily transactions for the first time on October 18. Tron outperformed Ethereum with 33,563 additional transactions. Sun announced on Twitter: “It is the first time that #TRON has surpassed […]


Bitcoin [BTC] and other cryptocurrency holdings need to be fully disclosed says Spanish Government proposal

On 20th October, the Spanish government announced plans for all cryptocurrency investors to disclose their holdings regardless of the investment being within state boundaries or offshore. The government has decided to take these steps in lieu of several cases of monetary fraudulent activities and plans to put a heavy clamp on it. The plans for […]

Ethereum Devs Reach Consensus to Delay Constantinople Hard Fork Until January 2019

Ethereum (ETH) core developers have reached a consensus to delay a planned hard fork of the protocol , dubbed “Constantinople,” until January 2019. Ethereum (ETH) core developers have reached a consensus to delay a planned hard fork of the protocol until January 2019, in a meeting Friday, Oct. 19. The fork, dubbed “Constantinople,” was first […]


XRP sentiment gets bullish push as Ripple’s market strategist teases worldwide adoption of xRapid

Ripple has been making headlines recently as its premier offering for cross-border payments, xRapid, is making strides towards building the necessary infrastructure for its implementation. This also bodes well for XRP HODLers as the product directly utilizes the liquidity pool offered by the world’s third-largest cryptocurrency. The hype is also backed up by bullish statements […]


Travel easy: Blockchain startup M2O won’t let your miles burn

What is the most popular way of traveling? Obviously, by air. Just imagine that over 5,000 air companies flew 4.1 billion passengers in 2017. What’s more, this year the world hit another record, 200,000 aircrafts took off in a single day. However, the ‘air travel’ boom has another side of the coin: the more passengers, […]


Bitcoin [BTC] performs as an uncorrelated asset, similar to stock markets, says CEO of Genesis Global Trading

Recently, Michael Moro, CEO of Genesis Global Trading, one of the biggest global Over-The-Counter [OTC] market-makers of digital currencies, spoke about his understanding of why Bitcoin is becoming a digital gold. He based his arguments on two aspects; store value and a hedge in a users portfolio, a process for reducing risk to fluctuations in exchange rates. In […]