Month: October 2018


Monetary Authority of Singapore will help cryptocurrency firms with local bank accounts, says Ravi Menon

Ravi Menon, the Managing Director of Monetary Authority of Singapore [MAS], said that the financial regulator is ready to help cryptocurrency firms which are finding it difficult to set up local bank accounts. Conversely, he stood steadfast in MAS’s decision to not loosen regulations on cryptocurrencies so as to curb the blooming of new cryptocurrency […]


Built-in cryptocurrency wallet on Opera browser, Ledger Capital announces new partnership

Ledger Capital, a blockchain financial and advisory firm, recently announced a partnership with Opera, an internet browser provider and also a substantial player in the field of Artificial Intelligence driven digital content discovery and recommendation platform. The main aim of the companies is to explore the applications and use cases of the blockchain technology. The platforms will […]


530 Ether [ETH] accidentally transferred in Copytrack ICO should be returned to startup, says Supreme Court

Singapore-based blockchain startup, Copytrack avoided a major setback after the Supreme Court of British Columbia ruled in their favor over a lawsuit involving an accidental transfer of 530 Ether tokens [ETH] to an investor. The incident had occurred following the startup’s ICO when Brian Wall, a cryptocurrency trader, was credited with 530 ETH instead of […]


Ripple top official: Traditional regulatory framework can fit on top of Distributed Ledger

Patrick Griffin, the EVP of Business Development at Ripple spoke about Distributed Ledger Technology [DLT] with Finextra, a crypto-media channel. Here, the Ripple official stated that scalability is a huge problem in the cryptocurrency space, including Bitcoin [BTC]. He also conveyed that a regulatory solution for the technology is to implement the traditional financial regulations […]


IBM blockchain launches Food Trust Platform; Nestle, Unilever, Carrefour among major partners

According to a post on Forbes, IBM, an American multinational information technology company, launched IBM Food Trust platform for global use across the food ecosystem. The company was testing its blockchain based food traceability platform for over 18 months. The platform stated that they will include retailers, wholesalers, and suppliers. They added: “The launch marks […]


Binance opens doors for a new blockchain partner, CertiK; invests several millions in it

Binance, the largest cryptocurrency platform by trading volume made the official announcement of its investment in CertiK on Monday. CertiK, which is a cybersecurity startup built to provide smart contract and blockchain audits is believed to have received funds in millions from Binance Labs. Their Twitter post stated: “Today, we are officially welcoming @certikorg into the #Binance […]