Day: January 11, 2019


XRP and the XRP Ledger fully explained by Ripple CTO David Schwartz

The cryptocurrency market’s shift in behavior has been the key point of discussion amongst a lot of luminaries in the crypto space. Out of the cryptocurrencies that suffered the brunt of the bear, XRP witnessed one silver lining by overtaking Ethereum [ETH] to become the second largest cryptocurrency on the charts. XRP and the XRP […]


Bitcoin [BTC]: A piggybacking Proof-of-Proof blockchain has almost 20% of Bitcoin’s daily transactions

VeriBlock has a Proof-of-Proof concept which is used to secure other blockchains via a supplemental consensus mechanism by piggybacking a mainstream blockchain like Bitcoin’s. Bitcoin developers recently noticed some strange activity on the Bitcoin Blockchain as there were a large number of unknown transactions called “OP_RETURN” transactions. These transactions had data written into the Bitcoin blockchain and this could […]


Bitcoin ETF is “absolutely not” going to be approved by the SEC, says CSO of CoinShares

The whole cryptocurrency market has been eagerly waiting for the approval of a Bitcoin ETF by the U.S. Securities and Exchanges Commission [SEC]. The reason the exchange-traded product is of much importance to the community is that it is considered as the gateway to drive the institutional investors into the space. So far, the commission […]


Bitcoin [BTC]’s ecosystem has seen a lot of bad business leave, says Bitpay’s CEO

The cryptocurrency market’s behavior has been quite volatile with the bear currently reigning supreme over the bulls. As the rates of Bitcoin [BTC], as well as other cryptocurrencies, fluctuate sporadically, major proponents of the space have voiced their own opinions and qualms about the space. In a recent debate on Bloomberg, Sonny Singh, the Chief […]


Bitcoin [BTC] Lightning Network is ‘obviously’ one of the fastest growing network for scalability and usability, says Pompliano

Anthony Pompliano aka Pomp, the founder of Morgan Creek Digital Asset, spoke about what the year 2019 has in hold for Bitcoin in terms of development and adoption, along with Arjun Balaji, a cryptocurrency analyst, in an interview with CNBC Crypto Trader. Arjun Balaji stated that this year, Bitcoin is going to go through some […]


Ripple-powered One Pay FX receives praises from Santander Bank for enabling faster cross-border transactions

Ripple’s products have been appreciated by many big shots in the financial world in the last year and 2019 too brings good news for the company. Ripple-powered One Pay FX, a payment application, is enabling its customers to send cross-border transactions at a faster speed as compared to other competitors, reported Banco Santander. The application […]