Month: August 2019


Ethereum: ProgPow will be activated on the mainnet next year as a part of Istanbul 2

Ethereum is currently focused on upcoming hard fork Istanbul. However, this upcoming hard fork will not include the most-talked-about Ethereum Improvement Protocol, ProgPow. The main reason behind this move can be attributed to the security audit of the protocol. ProgPow has been one of the most-awaited upgrades as the protocols aim to tackle ASIC mining. […]


Will regulators stand united or divided against Facebook’s Libra?

Can the unstoppable force move the immovable object?  Since the dawn of time, innovation is viewed from two different perspectives. One from the perspective of the innovator, and the other from the perspective of the innovation enforcer. With the world moving at such a fast pace, the unwritten rule is:  innovate or perish, and in […]


Ethereum’s bearish woes may have a deadline on the horizon

A potential trader looking at Ethereum at the moment will be demoralized with its current price movement. At press time, the token indicated a price growth of 1.23 percent at press time but prior to that, ETH had slumped over 8 percent on 14th August. Ethereum’s one-day chart If a trader was looking at ETH’s […]


Bakkt launch bears good news for Bitcoin’s price and regulation

One of the biggest news last year was the announcement made by the New York Stock Exchange’s parent company, Intercontinental Exchange. In August 2018, The firm announced that it would be venturing into the cryptocurrency space with the launch of a new company – Bakkt. This turned out to be an extremely bullish news in […]