Day: August 13, 2019


Ripple takes a step towards decentralization as it sees a significant fall in its dUNL

Ripple is undoubtedly one of the largest firms in the cryptospace today. The San Francisco-based exchange has been stung by a lot of criticism recently, despite repeated attempts by the Brad Garlinghouse-led team to disambiguate centralization claims of its cryptocurrency, XRP. A lot has been argued about its consensus protocol, the most recent one being […]


Bitcoin evangelist claims Facebook’s Libra is unlikely to withstand global trade and currency wars

In an interview with Cryptonites, prominent Bitcoin advocate Andreas Antonopoulos spoke about his stance on Bitcoin being a safe haven asset during a financial crisis. With the value of fiat currencies like the British pound and Chinese yuan falling, many speculate that the world is in for yet another financial crunch. The birth of Bitcoin […]


Blockstream’s Satellite might escalate Bitcoin’s global reach, claims Adam Back

In a recent interview on World Crypto Network with MadBitcoins, Co-founder and CEO of Blockstream Adam Back spoke about the latest updates in the Blockstream ecosystem, while addressing queries related to Bitcoin. The man behind Bitcoin’s hashcash began the segment by taking viewers through his journey in the space, from his first computer to the […]


Tron network records 500 million smart contract triggers; Tron-based USDTs in circulation continue to surge

The Tron Foundation’s native cryptocurrency, TRX, has been bouncing up and down CoinMarketCap’s cryptocurrency charts. The coin was once the 10th largest cryptocurrency in the market, maintaining its position for quite some time. During the last few weeks however, the coin has been plummeting down in terms of market cap and was found at the […]


Banks and Big Business Scramble for Their Own Digital Cash

Last week Reuters reported that several of the world’s biggest banks have invested $50 million to “create a digital cash system to settle financial transactions”. It’s an on-going project, according to the report, involving the likes UBS, Credit Suisse, Barclays, and Deutsche Bank. Banks are being tight-lipped on the project, and it should be noted […]


Ethereum releases Geth V1.9.2; lays groundwork for Istanbul hardfork

There have been multiple Ethereum Improvement Proposals [EIP] submitted for approval, but only a handful managed to get approved for its upcoming hardfork – Istanbul. A new set of updates were released by the devs for Geth called Blue Thessia [v1.9.2], a multipurpose command line tool running a full Ethereum node. It includes features for […]


Apollo Foundation Developing Post-Blockchain Infrastructure and Decentralized Internet

Apollo Foundation is announcing Apollo 2020, the firm’s roadmap for a post-blockchain future. A key initiative is the development of DAG [directed acyclic graph], making Apollo one of the first cryptocurrency projects to build the decentralized, post-blockchain consensus technology. The foundation will develop ARKnet, a decentralized application infrastructure; smart contract capabilities; a tokenization platform; Apollo […]


Litecoin dominates Scrypt mining with over 98% market share as Dogecoin-Litecoin hash rate correlation stays strong

Soon after miners’ block reward halving event, Litecoin got tangled in controversies and “FUD,” the latest one being the developer count on GitHub. However, the Litecoin Foundation managed to dodge it, thanks to the Litecoin Community Manager’s elaborate explanation on the subject and its creator, Charlie Lee’s 16-tweet long thread. Even as its valuation failed […]


Binance’s recent hack, CipherTrace’s Q2 2019 report raises the question of how much security is needed to be SAFU

The cryptocurrency market has not been able to keep itself safe from activities like fraud, Ponzi schemes, scams, and hacks. The world of cryptocurrencies has seen hackers stay one step ahead, despite the fact that many entities have taken several security measures to prevent funds from being stolen. In July, a Japan-based cryptocurrency exchange, BITPoint, […]