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It’s an ‘exciting time’ to be involved in cross-border payments, claims Ripple’s Sagar Sarbhai

Sagar Sarbhai, Head of Government & Regulatory Affairs, Asia Pacific at Ripple, recently spoke at the Bangkok FinTech Fair 2019, where he expressed his views regarding payment connectivity across the globe. Cross-border payments have been an important aspect of the remittance industry for the last few years. Sarbhai believes that the current scenario is one […]


Bitcoin longs speculated to have been leveraged more than shorts

Bitcoin’s market movements have been closely scrutinized by the entire community, with many speculating the movement of the world’s largest cryptocurrency to be a sign for the rest of the market as well. A new analysis by Skew Markets showed that there were many minor liquidations during Bitcoin’s most recent surge over $1000, which the […]


Bank of Thailand’s Governor claims appointment of special task force to weigh pros and cons of Libra

Facebook’s Libra has been at the center of scrutiny and skepticism among policymakers from around the globe. Many have even gone on to ask for a complete halt of the project, including many lawmakers during the two-day Congressional hearing. However, amidst all the controversy surrounding the project, the Thai Central Bank has come out in […]


What does Bitcoin breaching its parabolic phase pattern indicate?

If a cryptocurrency analyst was challenged to list out the reasons for a Bitcoin bull run in the current market, the individual would probably break a sweat. Bitcoin’s market is now consolidating at a lower valuation than the previous week, and the commotion around Facebook’s Libra has not assisted Bitcoin recently. Major exchanges like Binance […]


Bitcoin the most popular; Litecoin the longest-held crypto, suggest new Coinbase stats

The San Francisco-based cryptocurrency exchange, Coinbase, recently enabled three important trading signals for its users. The exchange announced this through a blog post published on July 18, a service that would provide customers with trusted, up-to-date, and exclusive data to manage their cryptocurrencies. The tweet shared by Coinbase read, “What exactly are trading signals? Up-to-date […]


VanEck official points out Steve Mnuchin’s 180 on US Treasury’s report on fiat currency and frauds

The main argument used by many critics of cryptocurrencies is that digital assets are used for fraudulent and nefarious activities. This was recently cited by Steve Mnuchin, the United States’s Treasury Secretary, who said that Bitcoin and the rest of the cryptocurrency market would be subject to the same level of jurisdiction that fiat money […]


UPDATE: Clients rush to withdraw funds as Bitmex under CFTC investigation

Bitmex, one of the largest cryptocurrency trading platforms in the world, has seen significant success by providing traders with high-leveraging and being a pioneer in providing crypto derivatives. Details are today emerging, however, that the popular margin trading platform is being investigated for breaching U.S financial law, having also been publicly called out this week […]