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Binance’s decentralized exchange [DEX] all set to trade ChangeNOW’s latest token

ChangeNOW is in the news again after it announced its decision to trade NOW token on Binance’s Decentralized Exchange [DEX] blockchain. The planned migration was made public on April 22, 2019, via an official blog post, which was followed by an “It’s official!” tweet from the company, moments later. The leading instant cryptocurrency exchange platform decided […]


Cardano [ADA]: It is definitely not my responsibility to appreciate ADA’s value, says Charles Hoskinson

Cardano’s [ADA] Charles Hoskinson has been one of the most active proponents of crypto in the cryptospace, making sure the organization’s agendas are known to the entire community. In a recent video uploaded by the IOHK Chief Executive Officer, Hoskinson explained the company’s future roadmap and addressed the FUDs about Cardano, floating around in the […]


French multinational investment bank issues security tokens based on Ethereum blockchain

Societe Generale SFH, a subsidiary of Société Générale [SocGen], a French multinational investment bank and financial services company, issued security tokens worth €100 million, based on the Ethereum blockchain, its official website reported. According to a statement released on April 23, these security tokens were issued by the bank on April 18. Notably, this is not the […]


Bitcoin [BTC] could ‘absolutely’ be priced between $300,000 – $400,000, says Morgan Creek CEO

Mark Yusko, the CEO and Co-founder of Morgan Creek, spoke about Bitcoin’s [BTC] future valuation, in an interview with Bitcoin Magazine NL. The co-founder also spoke about one of the most frequently asked questions in the cryptocurrency space: when will institutional money come into the cryptocurrency market. During the interview, Yusko was asked whether Bitcoin […]


Bitcoin [BTC] will have to break 50-week Moving Average to breach $6,000 mark, claims Tone Vays

Bitcoin [BTC] surged past the $5,4oo-mark, breaching another key resistance. At press time, the token was priced at $5,587.80. The market collectively boomed following the hike, fueling speculation that Bitcoin may soon cross the $6000-mark. Tone Vays, a crypto-analyst and derivatives trader, remarked on the situation, listing out the conditions for Bitcoin to cross the […]


Ontology’s VBFT Algorithm sets new standard for blockchain consensus

Ontology introduced its VBFT consensus algorithm last year and the project has continued to build momentum over the past several months. This is big news in the world of blockchain as the PoWand BFT consensus algorithms are what most mainstream public chains are using today. Ontology hopes that the VBFTalgorithm will replace those commonly used, […]


Cobra on Bitcoin’s biggest threat, Bet on Game of Thrones using Bitcoin, and more

Crypto News – 23 April – Bitcoin surges past its resistance, Wietse Wind’s new announcement and more Don’t forget to follow us for our daily video#bitcoin #ethereum #LitecoinLTC @Bitcoin @ethereum @litecoin #cryptocurrency @WietseWind #cryptocurrencynews — AMBCrypto (@CryptoAmb) 23 April 2019 Daily Crypto News – April 23 1) John Carvalho on Bitcoin Cash: John Carvalho, […]