Author: Collin


BitMart Labs officially joins Nova Club

In the past few days, BitMart Labs, an international blockchain incubator launched by BitMart Exchange formally participated in Nova Club’s Supernova Landing Program. In the future, BitMart Labs will work with Nova Club on building a global investment ecosystem. BitMart Labs is an international blockchain incubation platform launched by the premier global digital asset trading […]


CFTC, SEC must ensure some regulatory certainty: U.S Congressman McHenry

Earlier this week, ranking member of the House Financial Services Committee (HFSC) and US Congressman, Patrick McHenry, moved to introduce H.R. 4767, the Financial Services Innovation Act of 2019. This would require federal regulators to create Financial Services Innovation Offices (FSIOs) within their agencies to foster innovation in financial services. During an interview with Laura […]


Bitcoin primed to break immediate support as charts trace Bart pattern

Bitcoin’s price has been undergoing crest and trough-like movement, ever since its fall on 24 September. With sharp rises and simultaneous drops, the world’s largest cryptocurrency has not managed to recover from its previous fall. Recently, Bitcoin’s price saw a boost, which could have turned the trend to a bullish one. However, the coin failed […]


Litecoin drops draft proposal for MimbleWimble implementation

Litecoin has published its long-awaited draft proposal for MimbleWimble implementation through Extension Blocks [EB] under the Litecoin Improvement Protocol [LIP] titled, LIP 2 & LIP 3. This development was first revealed on’s blog. The first method, LIP 2, focuses on Extension blocks Implementation, which essentially allows not only MW, but an effective block size […]


Lost Bitcoins retrievable through additional authentication, claims Adam Back

As Lightning Network gains further prominence, and given its wide-scale adoption and use cases, crypto-proponent Adam Back featured in an interview with The Total Connector to discuss the urgency of the technology, in relation to Bitcoin’s growth. Back started off the discussion by highlighting how the existing blockchain (on-chain) can facilitate Bitcoin’s use as a […]


Bitcoin creator Satoshi Nakamoto’s foresight held remarkably well: Adam Back

Prominent crypto-advocate Adam Back was recently interviewed by The Total Connector, an interview during which he discussed developments around Lightning Network and its effects on the Bitcoin ecosystem. On the topic of the cryptocurrency’s global adoption, Back claimed that countries with historically and relatively low inflation rates are becoming “real prospect of higher inflation.” As […]


XRP’s climb might be temporary as it nears breach of ascending channel

XRP’s journey in the cryptocurrency market has been challenging in 2019, with the price being restricted between $0.25 and $0.23. The coin noted a surge in its price on various instances; however, it simultaneously fell, negating the growth. At press time, the third-largest coin stabilized at $0.2955 with a market cap of $12.82 billion. However, XRP’s […]


Litecoin’s may get a boost with breach of ascending triangle

The silver crypto, Litecoin has been noting its price rise gradually in the market, despite the blow it faced on 16 October. With the current price of the coin standing at $54.46 and a market cap of $3.47 billion Litecoin had a bullish half in 2019, however, the bearishness in the overall cryptocurrency market pulled […]


Ethereum’s consolidation under $190 may continue

Over the past few days, Ethereum was exhibiting a sideways movement in the chart. The altcoin continued to lose valuation after the slump on 24th September but significant bullish signs were prominent in the short-term analysis. At press time, Ethereum was valued at $173.88. 1-Hour Chart Ethereum’s price had registered a decline of over 2 […]