Author: himanshu

Bitcoin [BTC] and Bitcoin Cash [BCH] no longer payment options on streaming site Twitch

Twitch, the popular live streaming video platform, quietly removed the option to pay using Bitcoin [BTC] and Bitcoin Cash [BCH] from its platform. This piece of negative adoption flies in the face of a wave of crypto-adoption in several industries. Initially spotted by a member of Bitcoin’s Reddit community, the concerned user pointed out that […]


Bitcoin [BTC] success rate was “so tiny” in its early days compared to recent times, says ShapeShift CEO

Erik Voorhees, the CEO of ShapeShift and a well-known influencer, spoke about the cryptocurrency price bubble and the bear market, in an interview for WhatBitcoinDid. Voorhees stated that this was the fourth time he experienced the cryptocurrency bear market, adding that he has been in the space “pretty much” since the beginning. He further added […]

Trdot Wallet’s address balance drops by a whopping 99% in two days; community members cry foul

According to research published by LongHash, Trdot Wallet’s address balance dropped by 99% in two days, and reached $775 million TRX on 13 February. Trdot Wallet is a cryptocurrency wallet that was launched on 16 November, 2018, claiming that it was “created” and “supported” by Tron. Moreover, LongHash’s research posted a graph of TRX’s price […]

BitPanda is making unauthorized trade swaps without notifications; user accuses platform of being a scam

BitPanda is the latest crypto entity to come under speculation for making “fake trade swaps,” on behalf of the account holder. A Medium user named Matt, alleged in his blog that the European retail cryptocurrency broker makes fake trades on the user’s behalf on the account when a digital asset soars so that the user doesn’t make any […]

Is XRP a security or not? Answering the dilemma that is gripping crypto space

Opinion Recently, the US Securities and Exchanges Commission’s [SEC] Chairman, in a conversation with representative Ted Budd, said that Ethereum [ETH] and similar cryptocurrencies were not subject to the securities law. This immediately gave rise to speculation on whether XRP was a security or not. This question can only be answered by addressing a larger […]