SendFriend goes live in New Jersey; prepared to take on a $11 billion remittance corridor with Ripple

SendFriend, a next-generation remittance service that focuses on cross-border payments between the U.S. and the Philippines, today announced that it had gone live in the state of New Jersey, via a Twitter announcement. We’re all excited for our launch, and today is the Day (for New Jersey)! Join thousands of Filipinos and come out to […]


Bitcoin’s relative traceability has allowed governments to become comfortable with it, says Erik Voorhees

Fungibility has always been an issue at the heart of Bitcoin. The debates surrounding the same are never-ending. Most commentators in the cryptocurrency industry are of the opinion that Bitcoin can be used as a mode of payment, only if it becomes perfectly fungible. In a fresh take on the same, ShapeShift CEO Erik Voorhees said […]


Tron [TRX] surges by over 6% as token storms back into the top 10

Tron’s [TRX] price was surging, even as the cryptocurrency market cooled down following a brief rally anchored by Bitcoin [BTC]. The collective market cap stood at $324 billion. Following the surge, the token was back among the top 10 coins of the cryptocurrency market, a month after CEO Justin Sun promised the same. His tweet had said, […]


Facebook’s Libra finds itself in the crosshairs of the Central Bank of Central Banks

It’s been a week since Facebook’s entry into the cryptocurrency and payments world was announced. Since then, a lot has happened. From the Libra lead, David Marcus, talking about shared internal governance control over the cryptocurrency, to the regulatory uncertainty the crypto may face with politicians around the world taking a shot at the it, […]


Increasing prices of cryptos followed by flurry of scams

As the prices of cryptocurrencies soar high, the number of scams around the coins has also seen a drastic increase. Binance, the largest cryptocurrency exchange in the world through their academy program tried to spread some awareness about the crypto thefts taking place in the space. One particular medium highlighted by the report was Sim […]


Positive sentiment for Bitcoin grows following Libra unveiling

Libra, Facebook, and Bitcoin were undoubtedly the three most trending words even after a week of the announcement. Besides, the king coin’s monumental rise, breaking past a short-lived $11k, was also attributed to the unveiling of Facebook’s project. According to a recent elaborate series of tweets by the New York-based “The Tie”, a platform for […]