Bitcoin [BTC] might hit $1,500 and bear market could last until summer of 2019 says Tone Vays

Tone Vays, a Bitcoin enthusiast/influencer, and a trader recently spoke about the brutal bear market currently engulfing all of the crypto-ecosystem. He also said that this bear market might extend until the summer of 2019. In the CNBC interview, Tone Vays said that he had predicted Bitcoin bottoming below the $5,000 range in mid-January. He continued: […]


Top 3 crypto-backed loan companies in the world

A crypto-backed loan is a new type of service that gained popularity during the recent slow-down in cryptocurrency activities, aptly dubbed the “Crypto Winter.” Back in December 2018, crypto bulls frenzily invested in Bitcoin [BTC], Ethereum [ETH], and XRP, among other coins. Once the market plummeted, some people chose to sell their cryptocurrencies for low […]


BigTech is coming for the financial sector, and banks are starting to feel the heat

Software is eating up the world, as Marc Andreessen famously penned in 2011. Back then, companies such as Uber and AirBnB swept the globe in a blitz, turning entire industries on their head. Corporate boardrooms around the world braced for impact, wondering who might be next up for “Disruption”. One industry, however, remained annoyingly immune […]


Bitcoin Cash [BCH] hash war was a disappointment, says Bitcoin ABC lead developer

Bitcoin Cash [BCH]’s hard fork saga is still making news in the cryptocurrency community with several proponents of the fork discussing the pros and cons of the November 15 event. Ran NeuNer, also called CryptoTrader, had recently conducted an interview with many officials in the cryptocurrency space and received a lot of comments. The discussion […]


Bitcoin [BTC] price moving below $3000 could spell “catastrophic scenario”, might remain there for years to come

Nick Core, the President and Founder at Ecosystems LLC, recently appeared in an interview to speak about a possible recovery and capitulation levels for Bitcoin. His calls were based on the market cycle observed in the bear market between 2014 to 2015, which is said to have similar patterns to the current cycle. Speaking to […]

Tron [TRX/USD] Technical Analysis: Cryptocurrency’s bear woes continue as price continues to fall

The bear attack has been quite evident on the cryptocurrency market with several coins dropping in value. Bitcoin [BTC], Ethereum [ETH] and Tron [TRX] all broke their price supports leaving many enthusiasts and holders in a state of despair. 1 hour: The one-hour Tron chart shows an acute downtrend, taking the price down from $0.022 to […]


Bitcoin [BTC] and other cryptocurrencies’ market cap will be in the trillions, says Vinny Lingham

Vinny Lingham, the CEO, and founder of Civic, an identity protection, and management startup discussed the current condition of the cryptocurrency markets, the crash of Bitcoin and the possible reasons for the crash. In the interview with CNBC, Vinny Lingham explained that the crash was not over yet and that Bitcoin hasn’t really hit the […]